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SCL's Story

30+ Years of Service in the Community

In 1972, a group of concerned Strathcona County residents decided it was time for their community of roughly 26,000 to establish its own library. They formed a committee, created a petition, and by December of 1973, had convinced County Council to give the necessary legal sanction to appoint a library board.

Soon after, Heather-Belle Dowling assumed the position of Director and was tasked with the creation of a new library. On Valentine’s Day in 1977, the County of Strathcona Municipal Library welcomed the community to its 18,000 ft2 home in the newly-constructed County Hall in Sherwood Park.

By 1981, the library’s Bookmobile was on the road making regular weekly stops to serve the County’s many rural residents.

By 1992, with both the library and County Administration bursting at the seams, the library re-located just down the road to a 32,000 ft2 leased spot in the Sherwood Park Mall.

Over the next few years the original Bookmobile was replaced, the library was renovated, and the County’s population boomed to nearly 83,000.

In 2006, demand for service had again outgrown available space. County Council approved the construction of a new multi-use Community Centre next to the original County Hall.

The new building would include a secure indoor garage for the library’s newly created low-floor, solar-powered and accessible Bookmobile, and meant that the library could finally come back to its home at the heart of the community.

In November 2010, we opened the doors to our new library in the Centre in the Park. Learn more about the new library...

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401 Festival Lane, Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada T8A 5P7

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